Play Sweet Party Mobile Slots

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If you enjoy sugary snacks and are after some impressive winnings then be sure to play Sweet Party slots.

Sweet Party is a 5 reel game with a unique payline structure. Instead of landing symbols in lines, players need to land groups of symbols such as Gummi Bears and Jelly Beans in order to win payouts. Players are rewarded for groups of five or more sweets that are lined up vertically and/or horizontally and the biggest payouts are won by landing sixteen or more of any one sweet.

To make the game even sweeter there is a huge progressive jackpot on offer. The jackpot is won by landing eight or more of the red and white gobstopper sweets in a group on the reels. Best of all there are different levels of jackpots for those with different budgets so everyone has a chance of winning big.

Next time you feel an itch for a tasty snack why not give Sweet Party a spin instead, sign up today and you could be the next winner of the sweetest jackpot around.